Elaine Amira

Elaine Amira
Multi-talented dancer, performer, choreographer and instructor in Middle Eastern and Polynesian dances.
Amira has a strong dance discipline and training.
She has appeared in numerous Oasis Dance corporate and community events and has been a major component in dance theatre projects such as
MIDNIGHT AT THE OASIS  – City Festival – January 2004
LEYLA HELWA – Fringe Club – July 2004
Mediterranean Festival 2007
Orientalia 2008
World Belly Dance day 2008, 2009
Shik Shak Shok 2013
Raks Rafiki Black Box 2014
American Club Summer Party 2013 – 2016
Aida Night (SZ) 2016
She has also performed in international belly dance events in Italy and Malaysia.

Amira has first received Middle Eastern dance training under the guidance of Mey Jen Tillyer from Oasis Dance Centre HK. Through the years, she has studied with innumerous world-renowned artists. Amira has specialized her techniques, dance style and choreography under strong influence of Randa Kamel.
In 2005, Amira took her belly dance teacher training at Oasis Dance Centre, conducted by Belly dance superstar, Tamalyn Dallal. Amira had become HK’s first fully qualified cantonese speaking OASIS Belly Dance Instructor.

In addition to middle eastern dance, Hawaiian and Tahitian dances are also Amira’s specialties. She has travelled to Hawaii a couple of times attending Waikiki Hula Conference and studied Polynesian dance culture.