Drum and Dance Night 18 June only

Drum and Dance Night 18 June only
Drum and Dance Night
with Rob, Shirley and Suzanna Ssabha
DRUM with our darabukas, frame drums and finger cymbals
DANCE to the most important rhythms for bellydancers
WORKOUT your mind, body and soul with our Oasis instructors
Beginners of any age welcome.
In English with Chinese interpretation by Shirley
Thursday, 18 June 2020
8:30 – 9:30 pm
$150/$100  or any Oasis Chop by 16 June
RSVP if you need to borrow a drum WhatsApp: +852 9046 1485
訓練身體和頭腦,並在娛樂的同時提高身體質素,協調性及節奏定時。 與Oasis音樂和舞蹈老師MeyJen,Rob和Shirley一起演奏中東和其他地區的節奏,並隨著學習傳統的舞蹈動作而變得更加健美和強壯。舞室提供中東鼓(doumbeks或darbukas)和打擊樂器(架子鼓,指拔)。 但如果你有自己的樂器,最好可以一齊帶方便增加對樂器認識。 歡迎任何年齡或音樂和舞蹈背景的人參與(包括初學者)。授課語言以英語為主,Shirley負責中文翻譯。

Oasis Dance Centre
4/F, Anton Building, 1 Anton Street, Wan Chai

WhatsApp: +852 9046 1485
Email: oasisdancecentrehk@gmail.com
Book at least 48 hours in advance

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