Polynesian Dance 夏威夷舞/大溪地舞

Polynesian Dance
with Iolani, Huen and Mey Jen
Best workout in town!

11:00 am – 12:00 pm     Hawaiian Dance L1                                               Mey Jen
7:30 – 8:30 pm              Polynesian Dance L1 Hula & Aparima                Huen

8:30 – 9:30 pm              Tahitian Dance L1 Otea                                           Huen 
4:15 – 5:30 pm              Polynesian Dance L2                                                Iolani

Tahitian Dance Basics 大溪地舞基礎班
Ori Tahiti (Tamure/Tahitian dance) is a Polynesian dance originated from Tahiti.

It consists of different style such as Aparima and Ote’a. Aparima is a dance that is very similar to Hula; it usually requires a lot of arm movements and is danced along and relatively to the song.
Ote’a on the other hand, is usually described as a rapid hip-shaking motion to percussion accompaniment. It was originally a dance that was only designated for men as the warriors’ dance, but after generations, women joined in and also performed in Ote’a. Gestures in this dance usually describe their daily activities.
大溪地舞是玻利尼西亞舞之一。分為慢舞(Aparima) 及鼓舞(Ote’a)。
慢舞是一種很類似夏威夷的呼拉舞(Hula)。舞者跳舞同時, 需要配合多種的手部動作,以表達歌辭的內容及情感。

鼓舞是一種配合鼓樂的節奏,臀部高速轉動/擺動的舞蹈。 它最初源自男性用於表達戰士威武的舞蹈。但是, 經過長時間的演變,女性也參與此舞蹈,而舞者動作, 多以描述日常生活為主題。

Hawaiian Dance Basics 夏威夷舞基礎班
The Hula is a form of dancing native to Hawaii. It provides entertainment but has its roots in ancient ritual. The purpose of Hula dancing is to convey meaning through movement, intertwining the performers with the spirit of the universe by unifying their existence with nature. Over the 4 week course, the group will practise the basic techniques (ami, ka’o, kaho lo etc) and one mele (song).
呼拉舞(Hula)源出於夏威夷。它最早源於古代宗教儀式活動。 通過肢體語言,以歌頌對宇宙及世間萬物,和諧共存的精神。 在四星期的課程中,學員會練習呼拉舞的一些基本舞步(ami, ka’o, kaho lo, 等等),及完成一首夏威夷歌曲的舞碼

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