Drum & Zill

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Zill Basics

For Belly Dancers, Performers and Teachers

Fun and easy system to learn how to:

1) analyse the zill pattern
2) notate the patterns for practising
3) connect to Arabic rhythms
4) practise and apply to any music


by request


Classes: 60 minute duration



Egyptian Drum Basics

For Drummers and Dancers

Systematically learn the top rhythms for middle eastern music and belly dancing! Beledi, Saidi, Masmoudi and much more with our professional music instructors. Highly recommended for both Drummers and Dancers.

Don’t miss it!


12:30 pm  Techniques and Rhythms  Rob Rushton

1:30 pm     Guided Drum Practice  Rob Rushton
Participants are welcome to stay for guided practice


*Classes are 60 minute duration