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Welcome to Oasis

Oasis Dance Centre is Hong Kong’s first dance school dedicated to the feminine art of belly dancing. Since 2003, the school has nurtured a community of world dancers, artists and musicians with graduates and instructors teaching and performing all over Hong Kong and beyond.

Founder, Mey Jen Tillyer first brought Middle Eastern dance to Hong Kong in 1985. She has directed major dance theatre shows such as Oasis of Dreams 2018, Shik Shak Shok 2013, supported numerous LCSD community events such as Mediterranean Arts Festival 2007, Hawaiian Family Festival 2008 and acted as consultant-choreographer for Focus Films‘ My Mother is a Belly Dancer 2006. 

Within the oasis there is a diversity of instructors specialising in fitness, health encompassing dances of Spain, Polynesia, the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey, Egypt and Latin America.  We have been doing cultural performances and classes in the primary schools these past few years. 

Today our platform is to promote cultural awareness through World music and dance. 

My Mother Is a Belly Dancer (2006).jpg
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