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Tropical Leaves


New Courses, Events and Promotions

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Online Intro Classes
2 for 1 Promotion

Saturday, 5 Feb 2022

11:30 am Flamenco Basics Mariko

1:00 pm Belly Dance Basics Mey Jen

2:00 pm Zills L1 Mey Jen

3:00 pm Hawaiian Basics Iolani

Sunday, 6 Feb 2022

2:00 pm Chair Dance Basics Christine

4:00 pm Belly Dance Basics Lumi

Tuesday, 8 Feb 2022

11:00 am Latin Basics Debbie

12:30 pm Belly Dance Basics Mey Jen

1:30 pm Zill Basics Mey Jen

7:30 pm Belly Dance Basics Mey Jen

Wednesday, 9 Feb 2022

7:15 pm Belly Dance Basics Emmy Abir

Thursday, 10 Feb 2022

11:00 am Line Dance Basics Anita

12:30 pm Belly Dance Basics Mey Jen

Friday, 11 Feb 2022

7:30 pm Hawaiian Basics Huen

8:40 pm Tahitian Basics Huen

Terms and Conditions:

1) choose any 2 classes from the above schedule for $150

or 1 Oasis chop

2) Offer available 5 -17 Feb

3) No refunds

4) Non transferable


Classes are 60-minute duration

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with Amira, Anita, Christine, Debbie, Emmy, Huen, Juslina, Lumi, Mariko, Mey Jen


11  am Latin Fusion

12:30 pm Belly Dance L1
1:30 pm Zills L1
7:30 pm  Belly Dance L1
8:30 pm  
Belly Dance L2


7:15 pm Belly Dance L1
8:30 pm  Belly Dance L2 


11  am Line Dance L1

12:30 pm Belly Dance L1


7:30 pm Hawaiian Dance L1

8:40 pm Tahitian Dance L1



10:30 am Castanets
 pm Flamenco Dance L1

1:00 pm Belly Dance L1
2:00 pm Zills L1
3:00 pm Hawaiian Dance L1

5:30 pm Belly Dance L2


2:00 pm Chair Dance L1

3:00 pm  Belly Dance L2

4:00 pm  Belly Dance L1  


All online classes are 60-minute duration

ghawazee zills.jpg

Zill Basics 
with Mey Jen

Fun and easy system to learn how to play your finger cymbals. For Teachers, Performers & All Levels :

1) analyse the zill pattern
2) notate the patterns for practising
3) connect to Arabic rhythms
4) practise and apply to any music



1:30 pm


Classes are 60-minute duration with supporting materials

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